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Do I Need an Event Planner?

Well…it all depends.  Some events should have them and some shouldn’t.  Event planners can really make a world of difference for large events and for smaller events, they can certainly help relieve a lot of stress….but don’t just pick anyone. 

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More than Just an Orchestra

We pride ourselves in coordinating your live event making sure things run as smooth as you want them to.

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DJ Services

We aren’t just a full service Jewish Orchestra…we handle pop culture too. DJ’s are becoming more popular than ever. At Nefesh Music, we work with a large variety of DJ’s including American Pop, Hip Hop, Israeli and Persian styles. Many

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The Full Package

We do more than just music…Nefesh Music is about making your event special, smooth and worry free.  It’s about creating a moment in time that will be a part of your great memories.  Our extensive experience in music events gives

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