About Nefesh Music

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Nefesh  Music’s Jewish Orchestra and event plannig service was created to provide the best Jewish simcha music and American music possible for weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and special events.  Something
that truly defines Nefesh Music Orchestra is our charisma and our ability to inspire  people to become actively involved in your event.  Nefesh Music is zealous in ensuring that every event is fun,  classy, exciting and memorable.  We  pride ourselves on the fact that when people leave our events, they  always want more of the best Jewish wedding band in America
Nefesh music is the premier Jewish Wedding Band in Los Angeles and North America

Our  musicians are the finest in the world and have toured with many famous  international artists. Each  musician in our orchestra is also bandleader  and knows how each event should be coordinated and conducted.

Nefesh Music has traveled throughout North American cities, including Seattle,  Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas (Elvis costume not included), Denver, Boston, San Diego, Portland, Phoenix, St. Louis, Vancouver, Minnasota, and New York City.  We can travel to any  location where music is needed.

The founder and head bandleader of Nefesh Music is  Brad Schachter. Brad  has  entertained international audiences with his captivating style of music. Brad’s harmonious blend of various styles of Jewish and American  music has  gained a wide, enthusiastic international audience from high  school students to professionals and even bubbies and zaydies.